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VW Westfalia Camper for sale - Sofia

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VW Westfalia Camper for sale - Sofia

Мнениеот sifeek » Пон 01 авг 2011 10:16

Hi Guys!

I just had my 1983 T3 delivered back after a complete engine re-build and all the boddy work is fixed and sprayed.

I am now looking to sell. scare

If anyone is interested in taking a look, PM me and I will send photos.


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Re: VW Westfalia Camper for sale - Sofia

Мнениеот vaskoto1 » Сря 03 авг 2011 8:40

according to the rules of this place, you should place an ad in the "for sale" section or :продава:. more specificaly in :автомобили: subsection.
also your add must have photos, price, and a way of direct communication with you i.e. phone number.
if it is not possible for you to put it together in bulgarian-i, or someone else of the staff, will help and translate it for you.
cheers! :)

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Re: VW Westfalia Camper for sale - Sofia

Мнениеот vasstop » Сря 03 авг 2011 9:50

Just create another post here with some pictures of the car and contact details.
We will translate the post and will move the thread in the correct section of the forum.

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