Кой е най-калпавия модел на Фолксваген

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Re: Кой е най-калпавия модел на Фолксваген

Мнениеот donMaranzano » Пет 26 яну 2018 15:11

Ако питате за мен всички бензинки, защото пият яко масло. Аз и до ден днешен не мога да си отговоря на въпроса, защо VW правят автомобилите с меки сегменти? Ето ви примерно отговор от VW.

Thank you for your e-mail.

You will find information about the oil consumption in the owner's manual. It’s is stated that up to one litre of oil can and
may be consumed every 1,000 km.

The engine oil is put to a variety of tasks: along with reliably lubricating all sliding points and bearings, the oil must
discharge heat from thermally highly stressed points, ensure cleanliness in the interior of the engine, and help create a seal
between the pistons and the cylinders. At the same time, the oil is exposed to high temperatures and pressures that, with
increasing driving distance, lower both its quality and its level.

For engines that apparently do not burn any oil, caution is called for. In this case, fuel, which has been deposited on the
cylinder walls, is running into the oil pan, thereby compensating for the actual oil consumption; this occurs during short trips
at insufficient operating temperatures.

However, out of necessity a thin oil film must remain bonded for lubricating the upper piston ring on the cylinder walls – it
combusts together with the fuel load and is thus lost from the oil pan contents. Although this concerns only a very small amount
per power stroke and cylinder, over long distances it can certainly add up to several litres.

Even in modern mass production, the differences in the initial diametric clearances and the contours of pistons and cylinder
blocks cannot be prevented. Based on calcula-tions, the designer has defined this tolerance range beforehand. The tolerance of
all working parts is therefore different in every machine; that is why every internal combus-tion engine uses a different amount
of oil.

For further information or if you think that your vehicle needs to be inspected, we rec-ommend that you get in touch with your
local Volkswagen dealership.

Yours sincerely,
i. V. Maurizio Meloni i. V. Nadja Schneider

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