DLS South Africa October Calendar

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Sean B
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DLS South Africa October Calendar

Мнениеот Sean B » Сря 13 окт 2010 22:50

Sorry we missed a few months - but the October calendar is up - save to desktop then save as background
Thanks for all the support from this site
This car competed in the IASCA Pro division 2½ Years and won 5 OUT OF 5 best of show and 3 Overall South African Titles.


http://www.dls.za.net/DLS_Downloads_fil ... 0102_1.jpg

Sean Blignaut
Bass Waves Group - DLS South Africa

Here is a link to the picture of the DLS Amp rack - strangely enough we grabbed this off of a Japanese DLS Scandanavia car audio blog - wow we live in a small world.


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Re: DLS South Africa October Calendar

Мнениеот Виктор » Чет 14 окт 2010 23:59

As you have probably failed to see, this is the bulgarian Volkswagen club forum.
I'm afraid that no one here has ever heard of this competition.
The car that you have posted isn't even a Volkswagen.
So, what's the point?

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