2003 VW Polo Classic 1.4 won't start

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2003 VW Polo Classic 1.4 won't start

Мнениеот Johneames » Пет 13 окт 2017 15:15

Hello Everyone,

I need help desperately

I was driving my VW Polo Classic 2003 1.4 petrol this morning all was fine.

Car then cutout whilst driving - tried to restart it - it started but had no power and sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders - then cutout again.

When I tried to restart it again it wouldn't start at all.
When you swing the key the engine sounds fine it just won't start.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what the problem could be?

The car has fuel

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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Re: 2003 VW Polo Classic 1.4 won't start

Мнениеот goppa » Пет 13 окт 2017 19:17

First check the fault memory of engine controler!

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